Turbo 350 vacuum line hook up, cooling lines on turbo 350-which is oil out which is return

There is a modulator on some transmissions. It looks great with braided stainless steel cables and the billet gas and brake pedals. The vacuum modulator is located on the passenger side of the transmission, just above the tranny oil pan. It goes to the temp gauge which is usually screwed in the head between the manifold on the drivers side, or into the thermost housing on the intake manifold. It has a vacuum line going to it.

Replace your rusted or worn automatic transmission vacuum lines with something better. The vacuum modulator is used to eastablish the load on the engine. Use fuel line hose is won't deteriate or bend as easy, it's twice the thickness of regular vacumn hose, and you can run a vacumn line from the trans.

It's originally a steel line with rubber connector tubes on the ends. No it is just there with no line attached. Does it matter if I hook it up at all? Does the vacuum Modulator on the turbo need to be hooked straight to manifold vacuum.

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How to Test a TH Vacuum Modulator

An old filter, and a very dark color to the oil can mean the trans had gone out. Above a certain speed, as determined by the governor, the transmission will not downshift from third to second or second to first gear. It is a transmission out of a suburban. This is replaceable easily. Pull the rod out of the modulator and look at it to see if it is worn badly or broken off on the end.

It could be your vacum modulater on the tranmission, check and see if the vacum line is broken or the vacum modulater is bad. Will a turbo fit up to a ci engine and flex plate that had a turbo hydromatic without changing the flex plate or torque converter? If there is no nipple then plug it into the rear of the carb. The only external thing that would cause shift problems is the vacuum modulator on the side.

  • Yours may have gotten loose and fallen off.
  • The intake valves line up with the intake runners on the intake manifold.
  • The typical turbo has three speeds forward and one reverse.

Look at the hose leading to it from the engine and examine it for cracks that could cause a leak. One line will be for the transmission modulator, One is for the Air Conditioner reservior tank and the last is the vacuum sensor in the thermostat housing. If that big block is a low compression engine, you'll probably want to run vacuum advance. But to answer your question the line goes to any intake vacuum source.

  1. Do you have an adjustable modulator?
  2. The vacuum modulator affects the shift points with the use of engine vacuum.
  3. The centrifugal timing is added as quickly as tolerable for max engine performance.
  4. The underhood end should mount to a factory installed nipple on the rear of the intake manifold with another piece of rubber vacuum hose.
  5. If your car has one, take the vacuum line to the modulator off and if there is fluid inside, the modulator is bad.
  6. Transmission Vacuum Line, Steel, Each.

Can you use the same drive shaft out of a turbo long transmission and use it in a turbo short transmission? Could the th be as good as the turbo rebuilt? The powerglide, turbo and turbo used to use them. It must be connected to a full-time vacuum source such as the intake manifold.

What should I use for a tranny vacuum modulator line

Where does a turbo vac line hook on intake

If fluid runs out, there's your problem. Low cylinder pressure engines typically like lots of advance at idle and light throttle to make them responsive. The fact that it is not electrically actuated by solenoids means it requires other apparatus to regulate shift points. Check the vacuum source to the vacuum modulator. Shut off the engine and replace the hose if any problems are found.

In-Store Pickup Location Select. Sounds like the linkage needs an adjustment. Where can you find a rebuild diagram for a Chevy turbo transmission? Someone at Summit told you that most people unplug their vac advances?

Where does a turbo 350 vac line hook on intake

The is already tough from the factory. Look for the modulator line pressure. Check the tranny fluid after warm up, in park, and be sure it has enough fluid in it. Not all transmissions use a vacuum modulator, so not all transmissions have a vacuume line. Because it is a lock-up converter and the turbo is not set up for a lock-up converter.

Turbo vacuum modulator hook up

What's the best addictive for some leakage in the cooling system of a car? The one you show i have never seen. Wow, new york state you found a true idiot.

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You can't post conmments that contain an email address. You'll need the correct driveshaft yoke, rodrigo guirao díaz dating and the kickdown is different. Retrieve the transmission number on the flat just forward of the pan.

The H.A.M.B

How to get vacuum for th350

It Still Runs

Are you a Chevrolet Expert? Will the tail shaft interchange from a turbo to a turbo? If your transmission has a modulator it is on the side of the trans and it has a nipple on it for the vaccum line. There are several ways to solve this problem. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

You can't post answers that contain an email address. Is there a manual to rebuild a turbo transmission on a Chevy Truck on line that I can order or down load for free I think if you got to Chevy truck parts. It should be a source that has no vacuum at idle.

Automatic Transmission Vacuum Lines at Summit Racing

Hook the transmission pressure gauge to this port. Then I mounted the microswitch in such a way that when the primary carb linkage achieves roughly percent throttle opening, what is the linkage triggers the switch. Just choose your application for a custom fit! The kickdown switch is a separate volt connection on the driver side of the trans as described in the original questionand answer.

Cooling lines on turbo which is oil out which is return

Cooling lines on turbo 350-which is oil out which is return

How to Test a TH400 Vacuum Modulator
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