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How to connect your Android phone to an HDTV

How do I connect an Android smartphone or tablet to my TV

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  • What headphones can I use with the Samsung to get my sound to the headphone.
  • This key will let you cycle through the available display options.
  • Might have to route through a computer.

How can i hook up my phone to element tv

Previous Next Sort by votes. If it's not a bad cable, then you may have a bad port. They are unwilling to pass said password out openly. Try tabbing once to move the selection from Computer Only to Duplicate or two more times to Projector Only.

Attach hdmi cable on hdmi port on both ends then on your remote control press source. Obtain an audio cable if necessary. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Passive cables do not require separate power.

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How to Have Your TV Display Caller ID From Phone

The following questions have been merged into this one. How can i bluetooth cricket android phone to vizio smart tv? Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members.

Once I connect m zte to my hp and get the picture live like as in operable then I would like to extend that view to the television. Of the two technologies, dating Miracast is older. Yes it can get easily traced. Community Experts online right now.

The biggest downside is latency. This feature is working well with good resolution and a small amount of latency, so if you have one give it a shot. You can play games on the big screen, or edit a document without straining your eyes. Add Your Answer Can i hook up my android phone to my tv? Laptops can be more than portable work computers.

How do i show and play my netflix movieson my hp to then show it on my television? Photos, for example, will only work with Google Cast. All i can see is your user name, no message.

Can i hook up my android phone to my tv? How to hook up my smart phone to my flat screen tv using my usb cable. We found it and hooked up th speakers to it and hooked up the headphones via the Digital to Analog converter.

Please check and try again. Can i hook my smartphone up to my tv? Switch to the correct input for the connection to your laptop.

What would you like to ask? How to i play Netflix to my tv from my phone. When you set up a brand new laptop, the settings will be there. Again, research is your friend. First you have to get a router to connect both.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is this article up to date? Nikhilnemani nikhilnemani nikhilnemani nikhilnemani. Both of these resolutions have a widescreen aspect ratio. How can I mirror my phone on Element tv?

Is this a guess, or have you tried it? Passive cables do not do any conversion themselves. Add Your Answer Can i hook my smartphone up to my tv?

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How do i play netflix on my cell phone and make it play on my flat screen tv at the same time. How can I access the internet on my blue-ray player via my cell phone internet? Could you mention what kind of phone this works on, and what kind of video adaptor you're using? My husband works out of town and I was wanting to get him a phone that could have netflix and etc downloaded on it, but it would be nice to be able to connect it to the tv for easier viewing.

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  3. The problem really lies with your phone.
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New posts Trending Search forums. The biggest issue with these wired options is support. This also provides a bit of juice to the host device, which is a nice touch since the display has to remain on while the phone is connected regardless of the standard used. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Determine which video output port s your laptop has. My husband is hard of hearing and on our old Samsung there was and audio output he could hook up the headphones. What could i buy to be able to hook my smart phone to my tv?

How to Connect a Phone Tablet Mac or PC to Your TV

Wireless Options Miracast and Google Cast

Motorola Droid X

You dont hook it up to the dvd player you hook it up directly to the tv or just learn how to use modern technology. Also, check your settings on the computer. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Wired Options MHL and Slimport

You need the cable and check the remote to change the function to usb. Full screen mirroring will always work with Google Cast, but only sometimes work with Miracast. Laptop General Discussion. Assuming that the bluetooth connectivity for audio devices is actually supported on your model, russian man then I recommend you this pair of affordable but decent bluetooth headphones.

How to watch videos from your phone on your TV

How to connect android phone to TV

On your remote control press source. On top of that, you have to make sure you get the correct cable. Once you know both types of ports, get the matching video cable to connect the two.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible, as you need to have a cable of sorts to connect the devices. It's slightly laggy, so it isn't ideal for, say, watching a video off your phone, but if your screen dies or something, it can be a lifesaver. Also I would like one that could do video calling? We went to an electronic store and the fellow told us to check our Pvr box for a optical output.

Is there an app that will work with my operating system? How do i connect a bluetooth speaker to it if there is no me. Custom Filters release announcement. We already have Bose speakers hooked up to the optical audio output.

Need help getting sound to play through my headphones instead of my speaker on a samsung t. Do you have any suggestions? The audio output should be changed by pressing the Select button.

How to Connect Your Galaxy Phone to Your TV 9 Steps

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