Dating old metal buttons, are vintage buttons valuable

Then finish drying them completely with a hair dryer on low or no heat or set them outside to air dry. With your help I now think that it is a pewter button. Linda, it sounds like your pewter buttons are from Norway. Interesting about the Vaseline buttons.

A visual history
Bakelite Buttons

These buttons were sturdy and made for frequently worn clothing like men's work shirts. Is there a market for political buttons even if some of the people on them seem relatively unknown? Cleaning Fabric Covered Buttons The important thing is if you clean it, be very careful not to to scrub on the fibers.

If you wish to search for a name please use the search facility at the top right corner. Do you have a price you want for them? They're not Bakelite and not celluloid.

They say not to wash these with mild soaps and water because it will cause the colorful layer to come off. Do you know of any collectors or appraisers? You don't need anything else.

Makers of plain buttons during this period. Watch the Did-You-Know slideshow. One has to do with the current condition of the object. It is made of a curved shell and about years old. Bakelite tends to be more opaque than clear.

Antique button dating

It will clink if it is real glass. The Vegetable Ivory buttons you can find today have a variety of different looks. If it smells like Vicks Vapor or mothballs, it is Celluloid.

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  • Also there are national conventions as well as local.
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  • Even those that were used at one time but maintained with care will sell very well, however.
  • The label from the inside of the front cover showing who made the book and when it was first used.
  • With a project of this size and complexity there will be mistakes and for that I apologise.

Dating old buttons - NoDa Brewing Company

You heated up the mold in a bed of hot coals, then filled it with molten lead or pewter, which set into a button shape. It looked like they somehow disintegrated and and they had broken off in these weird clumps. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. Like some of the other type plastics, Lucite could be clear or opaque and different colors, shapes and sizes and could also be carved.

Some buttons of interest to me are a few Amtrak Superliner buttons as well as some random political campaign buttons at the state and federal level. They look like the civil war buttons. Needless to say, I have been on a mission to identify and learn about the materials these buttons are made of and I've learned lots of great stuff!

Are Vintage Buttons Valuable

The Button A Visual History of the World s Sexiest Fastening

For this reason, those backmarks that have actually been seen by the writer - either by viewing the buttons directly, or photographs of them - are shown in an emboldened font. Several functions may not work. Any info would be wonderful. The one on the bottom is the result of a wax-resist dye process.

Dating flat buttons
Flat Button Resource - Help dating button

Also -Amanda is there any chance you could show these to Matthew for his opinion please? Terry, I apologize this is late. With any luck, perhaps Amanda will see this, devil worship dating and relay to the button fellow. Better Dresses Vintage likes this.

Air Force Buttons

Air Force Buttons

As is true with many collectibles, it is the items that are well-preserved that command a higher price. One way to identify a Bakelite button is to run hot water over it and then smell it. It has an electric train engine in a cameo effect. Are there special shops, world or will any antique store do?


Antique button dating

Very welcome information thank you. It is not always clear from the sources whether the name and address are actual backmarks used by the companies, or simply their details, as obtained from trade directories and other primary sources. The backmarks are usually blank or weakly struck. Most say just to clean off with a soft, dating dry cloth.

  1. What is there proper name for these and how expensive are they.
  2. Company first listed as a button maker.
  3. Because it can be so hard to establish this level of history for buttons, collectors tend to require a great deal of documentation before agreeing to the asking price.

Hello, I found some buttons that are very old. Age patina is often an asset to vintage items and we did not know if buttons are the same. With the growing number of actual buttons came a parallel growth in button metaphors in everyday speech.

Antique and Vintage Military Buttons

Supporting yards of cloth at a single point required buttons of architectural heft, made of bone, horn, bronze or wood. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. Hollowed-out smuggler buttons allowed thieves to transport jewels and other booty secretly. There certainly are some wonderful buttons in our massive collection.

Re Flat Button Resource - Help dating button

Jodie Baltazar- Thank you so much for clarifying that! Playwright Henrik Ibsen channeled his own awful memories of home button-molding in a pivotal scene in Peer Gynt. Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. Celluloid buttons made to imitate ivory were called Ivoroid. If details seem rather sparse in some cases, it should be borne in mind that the information shown might have been gleaned from a single button or a single documentary reference.

Note that it is very important in dating buttons to analyze the backmark. It is also the case that there are some differences in respect of dating between the secondary sources that have been consulted. Identifying and cleaning Metal Buttons You may need to clean them off with a polishing cloth to see what metal they are but be gentle on painted metal buttons so you won't rub the paint off. This has been done to assist metal-detectorists as some of their finds can be damaged or corroded so they sometimes have fragmentary evidence on which to identify their find. Most vintage metal buttons were made from brass or copper.

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