Dating mauser 98, identifying mauser markings

They were certainly innovators, and skilled ones. Somewhat dismayed, we went to the yard line on a bigger paper target and fired three shots. The wood of our test rifle was birch, and in very good condition.

The hot Hornady ammo got much higher velocity and gave zero sticky bolt lift, and also gave us the best accuracy. By the Wehrmacht issued a specification to various manufacturers, and Mauser and Walther submitted prototypes that were very similar. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mauser. No one has been able to adequately explain why this the case.

However, as infantry bolt action rifles, mauser had not outlived Enfield or Nagant. The work appeared to have been professionally done, and may have been part of the Brazilian specifications. This in turn made reloading relatively slow. Not missing the bayonet lug, but was simply never made with one. Once again, all the numbers we found were matching.

It was rough, stiff, rubbed and raw, and was about ready to break. Great article, very enjoyable. And that made me the man I am today.

Based on the Dreyse needle gun, he developed a rifle with a turn-bolt mechanism that cocked the gun as it was manipulated by the user. Loewe owned a controlling interest in the Mauser Co. The Brazilian Model Mauser shows lots of bluing left on it.

Identifying Mauser Markings

Two Old Surplus Mausers Swedish vs. Brazilian Bolt Guns

Locally the Dreyse Needle gun had just been adopted so the brother turned to the Austrian Ambassador to try to sell their gun. The trigger guard is large and has no floor plate. It was one nice military dressed shooter.

How to date a mauser rifle

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Mauser K98 Rifle of the Third Reich

  1. The late-war production beech stocks were less durable and heavier than the original walnut stocks.
  2. Phil, Was this a cataloged rifle?
  3. Pointed rounds give bullets a better ballistic coefficient, improving the effective range of the cartridge by decreasing aerodynamic drag.
  4. Swedish iron ore contains the proper percentages of trace elements to make good alloy steel.
  5. Had a cherry Swedish Mauser from that I traded off and still miss today.

German K98 Mauser Rifle

Also the Steyr-Mannlicher is good if you want a straight pull rifle with history. Has the Nazi stamps still there. The action ring had a five-pointed star and the full name of Brazil in a very decorative, dating tinder clean stamping. Try and keep it in the family and cherish and protect it. This feature aids in preventing premature firing during stressful combat situations.

This variation is not rare, but it isn't very common either. Its a beautiful rifle, well balanced, and big excellent handling and performing rifle. That is called Colour Case Hardening and is a very fine and fancy procedure done to spruce up rifles. Then why did the Enfield and Nagant actions die with the Enfield and the Nagant for all intents and purposes?

The Norris-Mauser patent was taken out in the United States. We had some Swedish surplus on hand, so we were able to do that. And everything I've read said serial numbers are generally meaningless in Mausers. Here in Norway, or Mausers are common and can be had for cheap.

Originally Posted by chasdev. The process of developing a semi-automatic rifle cost Paul Mauser an eye when a prototype suffered an out-of-battery detonation. While many standard model rifles were indeed exported, it was meant primarily for use by the revived German military.

Take down disk in the stock. Paul engaged his older brother Wilhelm in working on a new gun system in their spare time after work. Most of these were used by the Wehrmacht and the Kriegsmarine.

Then we looked through the barrel. This latter ammo looked quite nasty in the box. This past year I picked up another model B in here in Alaska and I don't plan on letting it go. So no loving smooth trigger or polished bolt or anything. So I would take whichever one I can get ammo for easier.

The extended magazine was not well received, however. The first successful Mauser rifle was the Model made principally for Germany. The second shot again produced no bullet hole. Meanings of most letter codes are given in captured German code books, but reliable records on number codes are not available and apparently were destroyed.

The Mauser 98 The Perfect Rifle

Considered a small-ring Mauser, the Swede has an extended cocking piece with checkering on top. Mauser Rifles and Pistols. Surplus military Mausers, many in mint condition, have also entered the civilian market, to be purchased by collectors and gun owners.

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German K98 Mauser Rifle

These often have slightly lower power to match the weaker actions present in some of these rifles. The tracks of the rear sight obstructed the view to the sides during aiming. Shortly thereafter, a partnership was formed in Oberndorf between Norris and the Mauser brothers. The magazine can be loaded with single rounds by pushing the cartridges into the receiver top opening or via stripper clips. Its a pretty keeper for people who like fine commercial mausers, but if you must sell get Mr Speeds book and educate yourself on what you have and not get cheated on price.

  • The sights were normal mil-spec Mauser, with a V-notch rear and pointed front, with the rear sight regulated from out to yards.
  • His brother Wilhelm was four years older.
  • This dramatically reduces the overall diameter of the groups.
FN Mauser - Year manufacture

Mauser Pistol C (Broomhandle) Manufacture Dates

Mauser dating

Looks like Sporting Carbine Type M pattern pg. Kleinflammenwerfer Grossflammenwerfer Flammenwerfer M. If I buy a gun for that much money I want a really good finish on it, so deep blue it looks black also polished.

They are literally milking every cent out of that brand name, with absolutely nothing to show for. The first Western-made handguns introduced into South Asia were made by the Mauser company, and the term has entered the lexicon in India and the surrounding regions, to mean any heavy pistol. The only other firearm I know of that was produced and utilized for such an enormous period of time was the Brown Bess musket, which was produced for nearly years.

This was in response to the French adoption of a pointed and boat-tail bullet, which offered better ballistic performance. While he had not shot a bolt gun, dating agency paris he has shot semis for a while. And this is why I love this site. Again we wondered why so many caretakers of this rifle over the years never gave a thought to the barrel innards.

Best regards Tommy us hotmail. Most of these rifles were bought and exported to the United States as cheap sporting rifles in the s by Interarmco. Kriegsmodell rifles lacked bayonet lugs, dating and disassembly discs in their stocks.

Ken, Please email me some pictures of your Mausers. Up hills slow, Down hills fast Tonnage first and Safety last. Maybe it was reblued at the Mauser factory? With any luck, my Mauser collection will continue to grow. Originally Posted by RyanE.

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