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Adrianna finds out that Dixon is using drugs and insists he goes to rehab, they get close and end up dating. He and Annie start dating but then, Annie sleeps with his brother, Liam, which causes her confusion. She later kisses Austin, but then finds out that Holly and Austin where dating and now Holly is even angrier at her. She almost ends up marrying Kelly's father Bill, but is left at the altar. After she overdoses, she receives help for her drug addiction from Navid, who pays for her to go to a renowned rehab center for the best treatment possible.

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Later, Annie became the understudy for a troubled actress named Adrianna, who also had a personal history with Ty. Annie starts publicly attacking Vanessa, questioning her reasons for visiting Liam every day in the hospital and labeling her selfless. She then befriends a boy named Raj, whom she met at a store. She is not aware at the time that he is Liam's half-brother.

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  1. At a hearing, Naomi feels guilty and tells the truth and Liam moves back in with his mother and stepfather, preferring to be there than with Naomi.
  2. She left the clothing store to get into public relations.
  3. She struggles to find her place in California and to maintain her sweet nature.


Shannen Doherty has revealed in an interview that plans for her character's return have been scrapped. Out of spite, he ends up sleeping with her sister, Jen, during the prom night. As a result, clubs dating she starts spending more time with him and they begin a relationship.

Played by Shaun Duke in seasons one to three, Omar Shirazi is Navid's father and a pornographic movie producer. After hearing the news, Silver runs after Ethan to find out if its true. They later come around at the birth of Janet and Steve's daughter Madeline.

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She moved to Washington, D. Teddy aspires to be like Ian, who is happy, comfortable, and confident with his sexuality. Portrayed by Christina Moore during season one, Tracy Clark is a brash and vivacious woman from upper-class society. The romance is short lived, though, when after a fight, Adrianna walks in on Gia and Alexa after having just slept together.

After her estranged friends confront her with news that her boyfriend is a drug dealer, she confronts him about it. It is revealed that Silver shared the information of father's affair with her then-best-friend Naomi. But what happens when old friends, first loves, friends and frenemies come back together again to continue where they left off two decades ago? Kevin spent many months convincing Dylan and Jim Walsh to invest in Kevin's environmental research company, and then he and Suzanne stole the cash and ran to Brazil, taking Erica with them. In the season finale, Annie tells her parents she needs to tell them something, hinting about the hit and run although this isn't shown.

She decides to trust him and tells him about her estranged father. After Naomi wins, Max breaks up with her, because he knows she was doing it for Austin. Later, arm candy Max's partner brings in someone from Max and Naomi's past.

They go out for fresh air, as Annie and Liam have a moment and it seems they were about to kiss. Austin moves into a beach house and takes Dixon in as his roommate. He does not make an immediate decision however later on leaves to go on tour solo. After being checked into the hospital, she gives birth to a daughter. Atoosa Shirazi, Navid's mother, is played by Fabiana Udenio in seasons one to three.

He was suspended from West Beverly High in episode seven. Annie who doesn't understand his choice breaks up with him. As Silver takes Navid away from the party, he confesses that he has feelings for her, but the moment is interrupted by Adrianna and Silver is left disappointed. Diego persuades Ivy to express herself by spray painting graffiti as an outlet for her feelings as he does. As she does this Liam sees that his boat is on fire and spots Jasper, who's on crutches, i do not hook up trying to get away.

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  • They grow even closer after her mother passes away.
  • He then kisses Silver, hinting a possible reconciliation.

Because of her new job, she becomes closer to Ryan Matthews, and the two have a sexual experience. She went into labor in the middle of the wedding ceremony and, at the hospital, insisted on completing the marriage vows before going into the delivery room. This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. Annie also meets an Escort named Bree, who tricks her into helping her escort a few foreign men.

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This angers Jen and she plans to kill Mr. She says no, but Liam is persistent. Teddy is blackmailed about his secret and panics. Although he rejects it at first, Dixon gives in and takes a pill. She Took a Level in Kindness in later seasons.

But I'm an excellent dater. He failed both times, and was fired after his attempt to get Steve and Brandon thrown out of California University. Naomi catches the aftermath sans Jen and finds Annie's wrap with Liam, causing her to publicly accuse Annie of sleeping with Liam. Brandon is mentioned in the spin-off as having a family. She falls in love with Jasper, a drug dealer and the nephew of the man she killed.

In revealing this, she also told her ex-boyfriend Harry Wilson that he was the father. But when she thought of Dixon moving away, she said she couldn't breathe and she can't live without him. He dated Sophie, then Gina, then Camille, and finally reunited with Donna, whom he married in the series finale.

He has his occasional A Day in the Limelight but in most episodes he's just the owner of the Peach Pit diner who is on friendly terms with the main characters. He loves the main cast, and often comes to the rescue of the characters. Both were just comic relief minor characters and not part of the main group.

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At Naomi's party, he tells Annie that he has decided not to go to college and wants to get into the music business, which she disagrees with. He is last seen during Andrea's farewell party at the end of the fifth season. He demands them to prove his innocence on a video tape and later demands money. He seems to resemble Brandon Walsh from the original series, as he is also hired at the Peach Pit. Eventually, both were Put on a Bus or plane to Hong Kong at the end of season.

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Dixon then hangs out with Silver and they later get drunk and end up kissing in a closet. Among the group, only Kelly took an immediate dislike to Valerie when they first met because Kelly quickly became aware that Valerie was not who she appeared to be. Annie goes to Liam's house where they realize that it was Charlie who sent the text and finally become a couple.

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Ivy then decides it is best for her and Liam to merely be friends, assisting him in his pursuit of Naomi by texting her to go and see Liam. Erin is her half sister and David is her stepbrother. While Navid and Ty are fighting, free full dating Adrianna tells Navid she is in labor.

For example, Felice disapproved of her daughter mixing with the likes of Kelly and David and once even supported West Beverly's decision to suspend her daughter prior to graduation. At the Yoga Retreat they have sex in a tent. In response Naomi starts to back off but Mr.

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